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        Company introduction
        Location: Home 》About us 》 Company introduction

        Peace and common development Grateful People oriented Clients come first Professional innovation Excellent service

        Established Qinwei Enterprise Agency in Taiwan Province Taoyuan County in August 1985
        Built Jiming Hardware Plant in Shiyong industrial park, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in May 1997 which belong to “processing and compensation trades”.
        Passed Quality Control system certification of ISO 9002 successfully in 1998
        Introduced ISO9001 in 2001
        Set up enterprise resource rectification system in 2002
        Introduced standard of forbidden substance requirements that meets the regulation of “ROHS” in EU area in 2003
        Established Wujiang Jianshun Electronic Hardware Co., Ltd. in Wujiang economic development zone that belongs to single proprietorship in 2006
        The original Jiming Hardware Plant was changed into Dongguan Wanxiang Electronic Hardware Co., Ltd. in 2007 which belongs to single proprietorship with a plant area of 70,000 square meters

        Human resources
        · Total employees: 280 
        · Business personnel: 8       
        · Quality controller: 14       
        · Project personnel: 20
        · Manufacture personnel: 215          
        · Procurement  personnel: 11       
        · Administrative personnel: 12         
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